Friday Day Off!

    Today is my first day off of work in what feels like a month. I got to sleep in, grocery shop (yayyyyy…), and now I’m sitting here thinking I should try on my Halloween costume for tomorrow just to make sure I don’t need anything else for the big day. But honestly, I’d rather sit here with the sunlight shining through my windows, listening to all kinds of music, and watching the trees blow in the Santa Ana winds. When you give me a day off, I sincerely want to have it “off”. Meaning not do anything but veg out. Oh grown up life, why do I have so many things to do? Like clean, email, schedule, and all that fun stuff. Anyways, I had fun wearing this outfit today, because it made me feel a little like a western/urban thug. I like to be a mix of things. Holla at cha girl.

-Breed style, Breedlove.


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