6am and Ready to Party

For those of you who know the city life, there are billions of sounds that keep you up at night, or wake you up in the morning, or don’t allow you to take that much needed afternoon nap because of the street sounds keeping you up at night!

But I don’t have that problem. I live on a busy street with lots of noise, yes. But I can tune out that white noise easily… Unless you are a garbage truck worker rolling your apartment’s community bin down your alley way that is RIGHT next to your bedroom window at 6AM!  Then your upstairs neighbor wakes up too and starts stomping around getting ready for the day. So now I’m up hours before I need to do anything.

I don’t wake up frustrated, quite ever. But today I did. And it took every ounce in my being to force myself to have a happy morning like I usually do. And can I just say, it’s freaking possible! I almost shocked myself. Despite the fact that I woke up 2 hours earlier and was mad at my neighbor for keeping me up, once I forced myself to just go on with my morning like if I chose to wake up at that time, everything was great! So PARTY at 6am! Thanks garbage man.

-Breed style, Breedlove.


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