Day 1 of “Spirit Week Challenge”: WCDC Gear

Take a look back at yesterday’s blog for a breakdown of what’s going on this week!

Alright, so today is somewhat easy. The theme for today is “Wildcard Dance Co. Gear” meaning, wear whatever you want along with an item that has the business’ logo on it. Can’t complain about this, since I love the logo of our business. It’s already minimal like I like. So I got off the hook today! Since it’s just a plain t-shirt, I paired it with a structured blazer to fancy it up a bit. I wanted to make it a little more “costume-y” without going over board, so I added in the white bandana to make a statement. That’s what we fashionistas do, make statements! But I didn’t want to be too fancy with the blazer, since that’s just not my style (unless I’m going to a gala), but I paired the blazer with some slouchy harem pants from lululemon (when they actually sold harem pants, so sad they stopped), and my favorite white shoes to tie it all together. I’m secretly in love with my outfit and will probably wear it again even if I’m not being told to…

The next three days will be a little more of a challenge… Stay tuned!

-Breed style, Breedlove.


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