Day 2 of Spirit Week: Nerd Day

Check back to Sunday’s blog for a full recap of what this week consists of!

Today’s dress-up theme is Nerd Day! I was somewhat excited for this day because I get to show you how I mix-and-match different patterns. Now I know the typical stereotype of a nerd is one that does not wear a statement necklace and a fabulous watch, but I couldn’t help myself. However, I did add in the nerd glasses to tie it all off. In my opinion, you can almost mix-and-match any black-and-white pattern and it will look good. That’s the magic of black-and-white.

The only problem with dressing up each day this week is that it sometimes gets in the way of other little projects that I need to do. For example, I had to shoot a promo video this morning and my nerd glasses and nerd-esque outfit wasn’t really the best look for inviting people to an event. Hence why I added the statement necklace and fabulous watch to make it seem more like a regular outfit, but I left the glasses at home for this one. Little do they know, I was dressed up as a nerd for the day 😉 This little challenge is fun! Stay tuned for the next two days!

-Breed style, Breedlove.


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