Day 4 of Spirit Week: Solid Color Day

Now this isn’t just “wear a bright colored shirt and call it a day” theme. This is a “find the same color hat, shirt, pants, & shoes” theme… Oh and it CAN’T be black, white, or grey… Yikes!

This theme today is by far the most challenging one, because who looks good wearing a head to toe outfit of orange. Or hot pink. Yuck. But good thing I don’t really have those colors in my wardrobe. What I DO have besides black, white, and grey is olive green. I guess this is because I’m a red head and this color green looks phenomenal on us. And let me tell you. I went all out. I have the beanie, shirt, vest, bandana, and pants! (No shoes though…I guess I should go shopping for the next time I have to do this ;-))

Honestly, this look isn’t too terrible. And that’s because of two things. Number 1, it’s a muted color. In fact, you can look really high fashion when you dress monochromatic if you pick the right color. And Number 2, mix and match patterns. This will break up the flatness of the color and add life to your outfit! But only pick 2 patterns if that.

There you have it! What do y’all think?

-Breed style, Breedlove.


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