That’s a Wrap

This week was interesting, I must say! Not only was it long in anticipation of going to Dallas in 2 days to see my family for Thanksgiving, but because I challenged myself in front of all my stylish friends to still dress cute while having to be part of the dance studio’s Spirit Week. In all honesty, it was awesome to see all the kids getting into the spirit of the dance studio and come in dressed in a full out costume and a full out character of whatever they were dressed as. That made this week bearable! Those kids were hilarious and adorable.

After dressing as a nerd, superhero, green bean, and a wildcard, I got to say, I got feedback that my least favorite outfit was the favorite of everyone else. Fancy that! It looked like the Superhero outfit was the favorite. And now I see why. It was refreshing to have a day that was down to earth, but still funky. I must say, I agree with y’all.

Here are the outfits of this week:

Superhero Day (Clark Kent meets Iron Man) Superhero Day (Clark Kent meets Iron Man)

Solid Color Day from Head to ToeSolid Color Day from Head to Toe
Nerd DayNerd Day
WCDC Gear DayWCDC Gear Day

Just wait for tomorrow guys… I’ve got something else planned and you’ll want to find out what my next series will be! Stay tuned…

-Breed style, Breedlove.


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