Day 3: 9 Day Travel Challenge

Being home in Allen, TX gives me a new found confidence. If you know me and my style, it’s not a surprise when I get double takes of interesting looks from randos as I walk by.

They see a girl wearing harem pants and high tops matched with a trench coat and they can’t seem to digest it. Or when I wear a snapback and a duster jacket looking like a dope queen walking through the doors of the grocery store with the wind blowing up the full length duster jacket like I own the place, and getting judgemental looks like I’m some hooligan.

And it’s in those moments that I silently congratulate myself for causing a change of scenery for those people by walking by. And it’s in those moments that I hope I planted a seed of change in their mind, not only for fashion, but to step outside their comfort zone and express themselves in a different way.

Now I didn’t wear a cape-like duster jacket or a snapback, but I did wear harem pants, high tops and a long sleeve high low dress that really caught the wind when I was outside, and people definitely looked at me strange. Allen, TX is definitely not like Los Angeles.

These items were great because they packed easily due to their lightness and small footprint in my suitcase. Win!  And since my parents don’t have a full length mirror in our house. I am forced to find one at stores to take my #ootd photo. So I have to go shopping every day to take it. Ohhhh the struggle to HAVE to go shopping every day  ;-).

-Breed style, Breedlove.


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