Day 7: 9 Day Travel Challenge

Today has been interesting. I had a whole outfit planned for my parents church this morning, and then death struck out house! Just kidding…not death, but something that’s a little more disturbing. Mom had a headache and I ate my breakfast in the dark. I repeat. I ate my breakfast in the dark. Meaning, I had a moldy oat bar for breakfast. I died. I am dead. I couldn’t believe it. The thought of eating that is HORRIFYING. But amazingly, I didn’t get sick at all!

However, this means I didn’t get to wear my fun outfit to church since we couldn’t go. ┬áSo I wore my cute sweatpants and t-shirt, cardigan given to me temporarily, and my mother’s incredibly warm socks. And I’m kind of in love with wearing something that’s not jeans and no shoes.

Yes, there are even times when I feel like I’m dressing up all the time and I just want a break from it all. So today when I thought I had given myself food poisoning, I decided not to dress up, and be comfortable. Quite refreshing!

-Breed style, Breedlove.


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