STREET STYLE FASHION DESIGNER. It's my goal to encourage a bit of SELF-EXPRESSION, weirdness, and personal growth. 



Through managing a dance studio, hosting my own reoccurring fashion segment on TV, styling people’s wardrobes both celebrity and non-celebrity alike, I accomplished a lot but not without incredible internal struggles. In fact, my mental health was at an all time low at the end of my near-decade living in Los Angeles. So, I moved! My husband, frenchie, and I uprooted our L.A. lives and moved half way across the country to Tulsa, OK. 

After moving to Tulsa in 2022, I was able to gain bits of my soul back. Once I was able to accept the lifestyle of art & design, it beautifully cemented my passion for all things aesthetic in all facets to help me express myself. In fact, my passion for design/creativity bred itself in all forms: style, architecture, home decor, branding, dance, the list goes on. It's beautiful how you can create culture simply based off creativity and experience. It is what I live and breath now. People say “enjoy the journey, not just the destination.” In my eyes, the best way to enjoy the journey is by staying true to you, and expressing yourself freely!

Born and raised in Dallas area, I grew up a competitive dancer turned professional dancer - performing was my life. But I knew I wanted out of Texas ASAP.

I lived and breathed the dance world. I even went to college and got a BFA in Dance Performance. You could say I established a very professional way of life attending one of the strictest performing arts colleges in the country. I immediately moved to Los Angeles and WHAM! I got slapped in the face hard with its culture, especially after growing up in the suburbs. I fell in love with the west coast, the style, the vibe, the people, and quickly knew I had found a piece of my soul that was missing there. This palm tree filled, opportunity driven city engulfed me like a love letter.

During my years residing in the City of Angels, I’ve been through a lot of life… a lot of self growth from my childhood, a lot of pain, a lot of personal accomplishments, and it’s been a mission of mine to bring others through their introspection, personal growth, and self expression.


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