Adidas Forum x ‘Girls Are Awesome’ Sneaker Review

The first thing that caught my eye about these sneakers was the chenille texture against the leather. I’m always wanting to make statements with my sneakers, and this collaboration clearly does so in a positive way. Another major hit with these sneakers is the interchangeable top strap with different cities and colors to choose from (click here to peep my last IG feed post to see them in detail) – especially because I’m someone who always wants the option to change things up whenever I want. 🤙🏻

Oh and the nod to Kobe Bryant with the purple and gold colors? Major bonus points from this Los Angeles girl. I love that these Forums have a skater shoe profile with a hint of old school hip hop – mixing in my two favorite culture style influences. There are a couple other styles that are part of the Adidas x Girls Are Awesome collaboration. One is a high top sneaker and the other is a platform sneaker. Each have their own unique silhouettes that I equally love. But I was looking for a skater shoe and this came across my eye at the right time.

But the best part about this design? They are going to look mad sick when they are dirty so I don’t have to worry too much about if I step in dirt. Not every shoe looks good dirty but I know these will so I’m excited to see what they look like years down the road. Oh and double bonus points? The fact that I can put my arch supports in them (hello tap dancer feet) and that they aren’t too snug so I can slip my foot in without having to undo the laces. STOKED ABOUT THAT.

If you’re thinking about buying these shoes, they are in men’s sizes (which is my only frustration with the shoe – I mean if you’re going to have a “girls are awesome” shoe, make them in women’s sizes.) So make sure to size down 1.5 sizes if you’re buying for your normal women’s size.
For example, I am a Women’s 7 and I bought these in a Mens 5.5 – I could have also done a Mens 6 in these if I wanted a hair more toe room but I usually buy a Mens or Youth size 5.5 in sneakers and these were on the shorter end of a Mens 5.5 compared to my other Mens 5.5 shoes.

What do you think of these shoes? I’d love to hear your opinion! Check out some other reviews on my blog.


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