Get New Clothes For FREE!

Okay I’ll be real. I don’t have much money. *said everyone in America.*

But for real. I love buying new things. It’s not a matter of materialism, but a matter of needing/having a practical use for new things I stumble upon. Sometimes it’s something I find in a store, but most the time it’s when I’m scrolling through Pinterest and I HAVE to have those cute workout leggings because my old ones are falling apart at the waist and I want to replace them with these trendy ones.

But then my bank account stops me. And I move on.

But then what? I still have my boring clothes in my boring closet, next to my other boring clothes and my boring shoes. So here it is…..


Or you know… what we’re all created for on this earth. To be creative!


I got a call from my friend last week to revamp her closet. She didn’t want to go shopping because she didn’t want to spend money. (STORY OF MY LIFE.) So, I thought it would be a good time to give her a new wardrobe for free!

I went over to her apartment last week. She showed me her favorite items, such as her go to leggings and cute sweatpants, but didn’t know what else to do with them. She was bored of them and didn’t know how else to wear them. That’s when the magic happened!  I created 14 new outfits from her favorite every day items by picking and choosing items I thought would go with them. No shopping or spending $ for her and she has new outfits she’s never worn before! A fresh mind can create beauty from ashes. All she needed was a new set of eyes!

I loved getting to hang with her and get her a new wardrobe! She now has 2 weeks of new outfits, and she didn’t spend a dime on new clothes.

You don’t have to hire a stylist to come into your closet and revamp your clothes like she did. What you CAN do is invite your friends to come over to help you, or if you’re a solo kind of person, throw them all out on your floor and start pairing different items together you never have before. You might just surprise yourself.

I would love to hear how your own closet haul goes! Comment below to share your results!

Breed style, Breedlove.

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