How to Define Your Personal Style

Knowing how to define your personal style can help with shopping, saving money, and feeling more confident in your own skin!

Hey, it’s Laura Landers! Let’s jump right in! How do you define your personal style? I am a fashion stylist and I’ve styled everyone from tall to short, big to small, male to female, young to old. I style people that just go to work daily, play on a stage for a living, and I style some celebrities that are under a NDA contract and therefore I have a lot of experience styling people. How to define your personal style is probably my most asked question. I think the main reason why people ask for a stylist in the first place is because they don’t know how to define their style. And quite frankly, it’s really easy. 

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Here are 5 tips to help you define your style:

1. The first thing to know is to know your fashion “genre” (some genre examples are sporty, preppy, street wear, girly/feminine, femme, classic, vintage, edgy, the list can go on and on…) 

Just like in music there are multiple genres, and without a doubt you have your favorite genres you like to listen to. Well, this is basically the same thing but with style. Most people enjoy more than one style of music – the same goes for what you wear. You probably aren’t going to be someone who only wears classic clothing. You’re probably going to want to mix it up and be sporty one day, and feminine another. Once you figure out what your “style genre” is, it will be a lot easier to shop and a lot easier to know how to define your personal style.

Another tip in helping with this idea is if you’re struggling to find out what your style genre is, go on Pinterest and make a board or two with outfits you like. After you have a good amount pinned, take a glance at the overall look of the outfits you have grouped together. These will give you a better idea of what your style genre is. Pro tip: create separate boards for each style genre you like and see how well you do!

If you’re wondering what my style genre is, I am a mix between sporty, edgy, hood, minimal, playful, oversized, and classic… basically my style is very versatile.

2. Know the difference between what you like seeing others wear vs. what you would actually wear (but don’t be afraid to step outside your own box a bit).

Let me paint the picture for you. I LOVE seeing women in mini dresses and skinny heels looking super sexy and it makes me want to look like that. But would I ever go out to a movie with Jordan wearing that on a Tuesday night, unfortunately not. I think this one explains itself.

3. Be realistic about your style. Are you conservative or playful in what you wear? This is the big question. In relation with number 2, in order to find your personal style you have to take a good hard look at yourself. Taking inventory on what’s actually in your closet is a good place to start. And if you’re looking at your closet thinking *where do I start?* it might be time to organize it first! Try looking at it from an objective point of view.

Are you willing to take the risk and wear that outgoing statement piece in front of strangers or better yet, in front of your own family? *I can hear all the dads and uncles now joking about holes in jeans “did you buy those like that?”* 😒
Another good question to ask yourself is, if you looked back on pictures of yourself in 40 years, would you regret wearing something trendy or would you not have a care in the world about it? Little questions like this help you define your style.

4. BE YOU. Style is a form of creative expression. You don’t have to express yourself though style. A lot of people don’t and that’s perfectly ok. Take Steve Jobs for example. We all know he wore the same thing everyday to use his creativity towards other things. But if you do, you’ve got a whole new creative world to unlock within yourself! Don’t let societal pressure influence how you want to be creative. Let your freak flag fly!

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when you find yourself giving a rats ass about what other’s will think about you and what you’re wearing:
– the more you try daring looks, the sooner people in your life will think it’s a normal thing you do.
– don’t be a “trend wearer” be unique in your style.
– brands don’t matter
– you don’t have to have a lot of money to have good style
– if you have confidence, you’re going to look FANTASTIC

5. Have fun with it! Don’t forget that this isn’t rocket science and this isn’t the most important thing in the world.

The Takeaways: 
1. Discover your style genre
2. Know the difference between what you like seeing others wear vs. what you would actually wear (but don’t be afraid to step outside your own box a bit)
3. Be realistic about your style (are you conservative or a risk taker?)
4. Be you and enjoy diving into your creative expression within fashion
5. Have fun with it!

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Breed style, breed love.
– Laura Landers

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