Skincare: Microcurrent Device – My Single Black Friday Purchase

Welcoming myself a little early to the 30 club!

As the person who handles the finances in this family, I look at our financial accounts often. Like most people, especially in the pandemic, there isn’t room for extra spending. In fact, with my husband already in his 30s and me only a few months away from it, there are a lot of financial investment dreams pulling our focus, like a microcurrent device to up my skincare game. When purchasing something that isn’t “necessary”, I have a little PTSD from our early married days when we were so dead ass broke it was funny. Everything had to be calculated, budgeted, and ultimately decided on as a family before purchasing, and that meant the smallest things like new underwear, meals, and even toiletries. 😂

Now that we are a little less on the dead-ass side of being broke (side note: I love talking about finances, it should be normalized because it’s a huge part of life… duh!), I make sure to set ourselves up for success and that starts with saving money and saving it well.

When you want to buy yourself something nice, like a Black Friday gift in this instance, unless you’re someone who has a lot of money to throw around, you want to be able to reward yourself but not feel guilty about it. Check out my other blog post that talks all about my favorite savings app (btw: this is not sponsored, it’s just THAT good) to see how I saved money to treat myself without even thinking about it. The app works FOR me. I just have to set up my savings goal in 1 minute. That’s it! Ok, back to my single Black Friday purchase. 😄

Just four months away from hitting my dirty 30 birthday, I’ve seen a change in my skin… and not a good one. Now that i’ve finally found a skincare regimen & food shift that helps my hormonal acne, i’m done with that skincare battle, at least for the majority of the time. However, since I turned 28 years old, the wrinkles are starting to set in deeper.

Living in Los Angeles, it’s normal to get botox. Like really normal. I have best friends who got it and look exactly the same as they did before. I thought heavily about getting botox, but for some reason i’m still a little nervous about it. This is what sparked my hunt for a botox alternative.

I had never heard of a microcurrent device until about 10 months ago. And holy crap these things are pricey. But if they are supposed to supplement for botox, I guess it’s worth it! There are some out there that are popular but have no clinical studies, and although there is a bandwagon of supporters for those devices, I needed something tried and true. No bull.

2020 has made me realize more than any other year that I don’t “need” things. Even if those things can benefit your life. However, I’ve had my eye on this microcurrent device for a while, and saved up money for it with my favorite savings app, and based off my research of last year’s Black Friday sale, I knew this was the one and only time to buy the NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device. In fact, I had saved up so much money that I was able to also purchase the NuFace Fix Line Smoothing Device. I basically got two different devices for the price of one! Gosh, I love a good sale.

These devices are meant to be used every single day as part of your skincare regimen for visible results. So if you aren’t disciplined, it will do you no good. But i’m home all the time and will be for a while, so I figured this would be a perfect time to preserve my youth. 😂

I share this info with you, because if you’re getting closer to 30, or are over 30, this could be a really great product for you. And I don’t just mean for women. Something I really love about NuFace is that they have men take over their Insta Stories and demonstrate the devices. NuFace will be continuing their sale through Black Friday (and maybe even after?) so don’t miss out – they only do this sale once a year. Once I get the devices in – I will start using them and will do a follow up blog in a few months!

So, have you ever heard of microcurrent devices? I’d love to know what you think about this side of the skincare/beauty industry! I’m really looking forward to seeing results!

– Laura

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