The Inexpensive Amazon Pan You Need

The inexpensive amazon pan you need. Just in time for Amazon’s Annual Prime Day, Jordan and I noticed our old pan that we use everyday was starting to flake on us. No literally, flakes were coming off into our food. So much for that “nonstick” pan. It only lasted a couple years. Garbage. So I researched the crap out of pans on Amazon so we weren’t spending a ton on one little replacement pan. And I found the cuuttesssttttt inexpensive amazon pan that met all our requirements:

  • nonstick
  • dishwasher safe
  • the size we needed (we wanted our old lid to fit on the new pan)
  • cute enough to leave on the stove as decor (must match black/white/natural wood theme)
  • under $20

As per usual on Amazon, the size we bought (8 inches) is not for sale and then back on sale. That makes me think it’s getting bought up quickly before they can restock their inventory. So now I am thinking about buying the other two larger sizes in addition once our older larger pans start to flake. Who doesn’t love a matching set?! Honestly, it’s such a relief to know that we aren’t cooking toxins into our food with this new pan and that it’s visually appealing, unlike our old ones. There’s truly nothing like beautiful products to excite you to live a better life – and in this case, it’s helping to get my butt in the kitchen more 😂

If you want to see a video reaction of us using the pan, go see my instagram post. And if you’re looking for more tried & true products like this, go to my resource page!

xoxo, Laura

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