Privacy vs. Social Media

What is up my ppeeooppplleee?! This is me trying to hype you up. You know why? Because I’m back! I’m currently sitting at the airport waiting for my delayed flight, and what better thing to do than to post a blog. 

Does anyone else struggle with the thought of wanting to keep your life completely private from acquaintances or strangers… but also want to navigate your social media by posting about your life, all while maintaining your privacy?
I do.
And let me tell you, there’s an art to it. You’re talking to the girl that would rather keep everything to myself so I don’t have to explain my opinions, so people don’t decide to hate me… but in reality, this is something that is inevitable. If you are trying to be a people pleaser, you won’t be living a life in authenticity. You will be lying to yourself or even worse, to others that look up to you. It’s okay to share a bit of your life to others, to share your opinions and your heart on certain matters. But there’s only one way you can do it to be successful. Through love.

Emotionally writing or emotionally sharing something on social media will potentially burn bridges with people you didn’t even know looked up to you. If you’re thinking… “I could care less what people think about me”, I would challenge you with this, are you REALLY deep down in your heart not worried about how you affect people? Sometimes, life isn’t just about me, myself, and I. Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s bigger than that. <– did you catch the sarcasm? Heh. 

When it comes to picking and choosing what you post on social media and what you keep as a sacred memory to yourself, I like to weigh out what is actually worth it. To be honest, most of the little things I see other people posting just isn’t worth my time to plan out a post for. I don’t want to be addicted to my phone or only think about creative ways to post a picture. I’ve got 2,475 other things on my mind that are more important! And what ends up happening are those moments that I choose not to post my adventure from riding in the car, to walking to the front door, to where I’m at once I get there, and what I’m about to do… those are the treasures I hold all to myself, even though I didn’t think I would count those moments as sacred, since they’re so mundane. 

Now, if you are someone who Snapchat like this, more power to you. Your life is different than mine. But if you were struggling with the life of keeping your privacy and being constant and lively on social media, I hope this helps give some insight or plants a seed to go and do it your own way. I would love to hear how you handle it all! Comment below 🙂

-Breed style, Breedlove.

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