Redecorating: The Hallway

Anyone else trying to spruce up their home but not spend any money? 🙋🏻‍♀️ *raises all the hands*. Redecorating the hallway, or anything for that matter, can be less exciting when you are not buying anything new. In fact, I want to move into a new place just so I can re-do all my decor! But during a pandemic, it’s probably not the wisest decision to buy new decor if you’re trying to figure out where your money is coming in next. So alas, I am left to start redecorating the areas that have gotten out of hand, like the hallway. Gotta start somewhere!

I’ve lived in this L.A. apartment for 6 years and sometimes you let things get really ugly because you’ve been going going going for so long and you don’t have the inspiration to change it up. Well thanks to 2020, Jordan and I have had PLENTY of inspiration to change things up 😂.

before redecorating the hallway

To get started, we put the overflowing hall tree into storage and moved all my handbags and our hats to a different closet. Although the hall tree was semi-functional, it was in the way more than it was helping. Now that we moved it, we can actually walk into our bedroom without hitting things off the hall tree! 😅

I had some IKEA hexagon wall mirrors from like six years ago up on the wall. I didn’t get a picture with those up, but the command strips left little love letters of yellow stain on the wall for me to clean up. ❤️

mid way through redecorating the hallway

We then took the mirror from our living room (which I think didn’t really belong in the first place) in addition to the branch decor from our bedroom that didn’t make sense either and put them in the hallway. I don’t know if it was my impeccable interior design skills or if all the luck in the world was on my side, but the end result was magical. The pairing of the modern mirror and earthy minimal branches gave us balance and space this transitional hallways needed. The best part? No money spent! 🤙🏻

redecorated hallway

It feels like we are living in a brand new apartment! Okay okay, maybe just the hallway. 😅 I think if we come across a very inexpensive neutral rug, we will add it to complete the hallway, but for now, we are pleased.

It is truly mind blowing how great of an impact aesthetics have over your way of living. Now i’m on Pinterest thinking of ways to manually install a wood fireplace in this apartment for the colder months. 🤪 All jokes aside, start moving things around in your space and see what inspiration strikes! Even if you don’t feel the inspiration at first, moving things around can spark your creativity.


  1. Beth Goodson says:

    Laura, I wish you were in Switzerland. I need someone to overhaul this small apartment!

    • Laura Landers says:

      You better believe if there was a way I could make it happen, i’d make it happen! That sounds like a fun challenge. Switzerland has been calling me back ever since 5th grade. 😂

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