Shopping Shy

There are times I get the chance to take my one of my best friends shopping. And it’s a very real thing to be “shopping shy.” Shawn wasn’t ready to purchase this jacket yesterday, so we left with nothing in our hands. After sleeping over it, this morning he said “I’m going to buy that jacket today.”

Internally I was dancing up and down! Those little moments fill me with joy because I got to help him pick out an item that brings him confidence and that he knows will make him happy while wearing it. One small leap for Shawn, one giant leap for Shawn’s style.

 -Breed style, Breedlove.

Below is what Shawn posted on his Instagram:



I actually wasn’t trying to pose in this haha. But thanks so much for @stylebybreedlove for helping me pick this out and @mcskatie for helping convince me to get this jacket. Sometimes you gotta treat yo self.”


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