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This week was interesting, I must say! Not only was it long in anticipation of going to Dallas in 2 days to see my family for Thanksgiving, but because I challenged myself in front of all my stylish friends to still dress cute while having to be part of the dance studio’s Spirit Week. In […]

That’s a Wrap

November 21, 2015

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Now this isn’t just “wear a bright colored shirt and call it a day” theme. This is a “find the same color hat, shirt, pants, & shoes” theme… Oh and it CAN’T be black, white, or grey… Yikes! This theme today is by far the most challenging one, because who looks good wearing a head […]

Day 4 of Spirit Week: Solid Color Day

November 19, 2015

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Check out the Spirit Week Challenge blog from Sunday to get caught up! So today is my least favorite, and that’s because I have NOTHING “superhero-y” in my closet. I guess superheroes don’t have classic staple items in their wardrobe. And I gave away my magical cape last month 😉 Today was definitely the most […]

Day 3 of Spirit Week: Superhero Day

November 18, 2015

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Check back to Sunday’s blog for a full recap of what this week consists of! Today’s dress-up theme is Nerd Day! I was somewhat excited for this day because I get to show you how I mix-and-match different patterns. Now I know the typical stereotype of a nerd is one that does not wear a […]

Day 2 of Spirit Week: Nerd Day

November 17, 2015

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Take a look back at yesterday’s blog for a breakdown of what’s going on this week! Alright, so today is somewhat easy. The theme for today is “Wildcard Dance Co. Gear” meaning, wear whatever you want along with an item that has the business’ logo on it. Can’t complain about this, since I love the […]

Day 1 of “Spirit Week Challenge”: WCDC Gear

November 16, 2015

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Ever have a work, school, or organization telling you to dress up as a character/in a costume when you were DYING to wear that new top you just got?  You were ready to match that top with accessories and get the thrill of wearing new clothes. Yep. Now imagine you have to dress up in […]

Spirit Week Challenge

November 16, 2015