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Welp, here it is! The end of the challenge. And yes I’m a couple days behind posting schedule. Home girl got the flu! But nevertheless, I am back and ready to attack. After making myself create multiple outfits on only a certain number of items was not the most fun thing in the world, but […]

Day 9: 9 Day Travel Challenge

December 3, 2015

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I made history today. I wore the same travel outfit to Dallas as I am from Dallas back home to LA. I did it. And I’m happy about it. Know why? IT’S SO FRICKEN COMFORTABLE! Anything from Wildfox is extremely soft and like I’m wearing pajamas. Boyfriend jeans are so roomy and give some breeze […]

Day 8: 9 Day Travel Challenge

November 30, 2015

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Today has been interesting. I had a whole outfit planned for my parents church this morning, and then death struck out house! Just kidding…not death, but something that’s a little more disturbing. Mom had a headache and I ate my breakfast in the dark. I repeat. I ate my breakfast in the dark. Meaning, I […]

Day 7: 9 Day Travel Challenge

November 30, 2015

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Another cold day and a limited closet calls for items to be worn twice! Thank god for black jeans that go well with almost any outfit and a trusty white tee that can be matched with anything. All I switched from yesterday to today was my jeans, shoes, and jacket! And it was a total […]

Day 6: 9 Day Travel Challenge

November 29, 2015

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It’s really rainy and cold here in Dallas, and of course I didn’t bring the correct clothes to keep me warm, so I kind of just said “SCREW IT”, wore my light layers, and froze my butt off today. However, I was in love with my vibe today and couldn’t have been happier. Packing light […]

Day 5: 9 Day Travel Challenge

Laura Landers Style By Breedlove Travel Challenge Style Challenge TV Host

November 28, 2015

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Happy Thanksgiving yall! I just woke up from a nap after eating, cleaning, playing games, running through the rain, etc, and my choice of clothing for Turkey Day couldn’t have been better picked. I wore a boxy tee, light jewelry, and boyfriend jeans. And not only did I cover the turkey belly, but I was […]

Day 4: 9 Day Travel Challenge

November 27, 2015

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Being home in Allen, TX gives me a new found confidence. If you know me and my style, it’s not a surprise when I get double takes of interesting looks from randos as I walk by. They see a girl wearing harem pants and high tops matched with a trench coat and they can’t seem […]

Day 3: 9 Day Travel Challenge

November 25, 2015

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Hey y’all! I can appropriately say “y’all” now that I’m back in Texas. Haaayyyyy! (Get it? Hay? The food that horses eat? Since I’m in Texas? Bad joke? Okay I’m done.) Besides my secret desire to be a comedian (and DJ, but we’ll get to that another time), today was filled with physical labor and […]

Day 2: 9 Day Travel Challenge

November 25, 2015

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You guys… I’m home with my family and I’m so excited! I didn’t want to leave LA, but now that I’m home, I don’t want to leave here either. Can cloning be a thing now? SHOCKING NEWS! PREPARE YOURSELVES: Today was the first day I took my #ootd photo somewhere else besides my own apartment […]

Day 1: 9 Day Travel Challenge

November 24, 2015

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I don’t know about you, but limiting my clothing options makes me want to cry. It’s basically the equivalent of cutting off my right arm and asking me to sign my autograph.  However, instead of giving up, I figured I would man up and create a challenge out of it! But nevertheless, I am flying […]

9 Day Travel Challenge

November 23, 2015