a style & lifestyle blogger with a focus on gender-neutral street style and an on-camera host with a passion for all things aesthetic, good laughs, and the deep life talks.



Through managing a dance studio, hosting my own reoccurring fashion segment on TV, styling people’s wardrobes (even some celebrities under an NDA contract) I accomplished a lot but not without incredible internal struggles. Because of those struggles, I launched my podcast Live Sick Die Ill Podcast to help people through their tough times by sharing my experiences and sharing my guest’s stories of personal growth. 

Because culture smacked me in the face upon moving to L.A., it cemented my passion for all things aesthetic as visuals in all facets help me express myself. In fact, my passion for aesthetics bred itself in all forms: style, architecture, home decor, online branding, dance, the list goes on. The way you can create culture simply based off aesthetics is what I live and breath now. This passion of mine has now turned into a career I am in love with. Aesthetics encompass lifestyle, and lifestyle is what instills enjoyment. People say “enjoy the journey, not just the destination.” In my eyes, the best way for me to enjoy the journey is by finding and sharing beautiful things that not only work, but are functional, practical, and meaningful. 

Born and raised in Dallas area, I always had a unique sense of style compared to the people in my “Top 10 Best Suburbs in America To Live In” peers. I grew up a competitive dancer turned professional dancer - performing was my life. Hip Hop was a big part of my life and a lot of what I wear is rooted in that world.

I lived and breathed the dance world. I even went to a military-like college and got a BFA in Dance Performance. You could say I established a very professional way of life attending one of the strictest performing arts colleges in the country. I immediately moved to Los Angeles and WHAM! I got slapped in the face hard with its culture. I fell in love with the west coast, the style, the vibe, the people, and quickly knew I had found myself here. The palm tree filled, opportunity driven city engulfed me like a love letter.

During my years residing in the City of Angels, I’ve been through a lot of life… a lot of self growth from my childhood, a lot of pain, a lot of personal accomplishments, and it’s been a mission of mine to bring others through their introspection and personal growth now that i’m happily settled in who I am. 


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