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After years of performing on stage, live, on camera, and everything in between, nothing fills me up quite like TV Hosting on camera. Beginning this career with no experience and an opportunity to have my own seven minute segment on Life in the City on TBN Salsa, I took the gift of opportunity to learn on the spot! After writing, producing, and hosting my own segment, I knew nothing else would fuel my fire more. So I enrolled in Shannon O’Dowd’s TV Hosting & On-Camera Workshop at Killian’s Workshop, attended several master classes, and Q&A panels in order to have the tools needed to use my expertise to further my career professionally in TV Hosting. As I actively work in this field, please take a look at my TV Hosting Reel.

TV Host /
On-Camera Host 

Lifestyle / Organization Expert

Since the age of ten, I began designing and making handbags. Growing up in the dance industry, that world has significantly influenced my unique style. I knew fashion was a passion of mine but at the time, I had other activities on my plate. In 2014, I had the opportunity to become a fashion stylist in Los Angeles. I rapidly became immersed in this world, gaining new clients of all shapes, sizes, ages, and genders. Being a devoted member to my church, my pastors had their own TV show, ‘Life in the City’ on TBN Salsa. They wanted me to style them for every episode. After the show ended a year later, I became a Non-Disclosure Agreement Celebrity Fashion Stylist. Not many know what this is because stylists aren’t allowed to reveal any likeness of the celebrity, so promoting your work is a challenge. The point of celebrity hiring a NDA Celebrity Fashion Stylist is to maintain their image and that they can style themselves, due to the nature of the field the celebrity works in. Partnering with styling celebrities for the red carpet and everyday-wear, I am also a personal shopper. Shopping both with and without the client has its benefits. Shopping with a client births opportunity to teach them the best practices when shopping. Shopping without the client allows for faster, more efficient shopping and allows the client to do more in their day.

Fashion Stylist

I started dancing at the age of three and never looked back. I was put into dance classes when I memorized the choreography of Barney the Dinosaur at 2.5 years old and performed it to my parents while facing away from the TV screen. I danced in a competition team for 11 years before graduating high school, winning national scholarships. Moving forward, I attended the strict dance and arts program at Oklahoma City University where I got my BPA in Dance Performance. Co-directing the PEP Dancers for two years and Co-Directing the American Dance Company for a season over hundreds of dancers was a delight. During college I started dancing professionally for Chuck E. Cheese commercials, and Larrwell Productions for Mary Kay Cosmetics, consecutively for five years. I choreographed a parody music video for Mary Kay Cosmetics to be shown in front of 14,000 women. Most importantly, after moving out to Los Angeles in 2013, I managed and ran a children’s & adult dance studio for four years, Wild Card Dance Company. During these years, I cultivated a team of volunteers and staff members, sustained a dance community, and at the end of the day, we didn’t train the kids/dancers on how to dance, we trained them on how to be great people. Currently, I am in two professional tap companies, Rithem Dance Company (Directed by Ryan Lohoff) and Tap Sounds Underground (Directed by Gregg Russell)

Professional Dancer

Along the same vein as styling someone’s wardrobe, organizing it is a speciality of mine. I have organized people’s houses (closets, kitchens, pantries, also including interior decorating), agendas/planners, finances, businesses, internal operations, and so much more. Creating healthy organization habits leads you to a lifestyle that is effortlessly put together. Organizing (in both the digital and physical world) is my passion! Whether you want a capsule wardrobe, minimal living, or just want a more functional way of life, that’s my expertise. Not many know that organization directly affects your lifestyle. Some call it a beautiful disaster/organized chaos with a chuckle to that phrase, but 9/10 times they are wanting a clearer way to function throughout their day. Whether that’s having a handle on getting your finances in order, knowing your worth so you don’t put yourself in another toxic relationship, or simply clutter free (mentally & physically) so you can operate at your best, I’ve been advising friends, family, and clients on how to do just that to achieve their goals & dreams spiritually, morally, physically, emotionally, and mentally.


Laura Landers was hands down one of the top successes of our show. Her personality, presence and poise was relevent, fresh, and captivating. Her hosting truly captivated our audience and made viewers feel as if she was right there in their living room. 





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