and although that may feel true in the moment, you were never meant to stay in this mentality. You are designed to live your best life, from start to finish. Join Los Angeles based On-Camera Host, Laura Landers, each week as she and her guests spark conversations about different personal experiences, the impacts they make, and how to grow from each experience that will push you to live your life in constant pursuit of your best self. If you value personal growth, bettering yourself, and learning from all life experiences then come as you are and prepare to find out what it truly means to Live Sick, Die Ill.

"Life sucks." This is something we have all felt at one point, 



Ep. 15: Unpopular Advice About Finding Your Personal Brand - Personal Branding is different than branding for a business, and it’s not talked about enough. Resources can be hard to find and when you’re trying to brand yourself as yourself, it can be difficult to see yourself from the outside looking in. As someone who has taken many branding courses and has read too many branding blogs with unhelpful information, I can tell you what other people are leaving out. This isn’t a fast track way to branding, this is the straight forward reality… mixed in with a little bit of loopiness.  

"I'm really looking forward to what Laura has in store with the Live Sick Die Ill Podcast. Her first two episodes made me laugh aloud but also made me want more for myself. I'm anxiously awaiting more episodes!"
- Diane B.

Laura brings an indisputably authentic and unique perspective to all that she does, from fashion, to how she just shows up in the world, and her voice on this podcast is no different. When I tune in, It feels like I am just tuning in to a conversation with my cool, hilarious bestie.
- Toby C.

I’m loving this podcast SOY much. It’s so relatable yet light & approachable. Candid conversations offering a new perspective of life & relationships. Can’t wait to grow with you. A 10/10 must add to your weekly routine.
- Liz W.