Day 3 of Spirit Week: Superhero Day

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So today is my least favorite, and that’s because I have NOTHING “superhero-y” in my closet. I guess superheroes don’t have classic staple items in their wardrobe. And I gave away my magical cape last month 😉

Today was definitely the most creative of all the days so far. And honestly, I’m not in love with my outfit. The glasses are for Clark Kent. That’s about as close to the superhero theme as I could get. Moving to the shirt, although some wouldn’t think Iron Man is a superhero, I think he is. He’s by far the funniest! And an old boyfriend gave me this shirt. So I lucked out. And the cardigan will be tied around my neck like a cape later, I’m sure.  So I call my outfit…

“Clark Kent, the real Iron Man.”

Imagine that said like the movie trailers. All deep and cool. That’s me. I’m super cool. I consider this day a break from dressing up. Keepin’ it simple like the superheroes do…at least with their wardrobe.

-Breed style, Breedlove.


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