Day 9: 9 Day Travel Challenge

Welp, here it is! The end of the challenge. And yes I’m a couple days behind posting schedule. Home girl got the flu! But nevertheless, I am back and ready to attack. After making myself create multiple outfits on only a certain number of items was not the most fun thing in the world, but it wasn’t terrible. I got bored of the color palette I chose, which was basically black and white. When you pack for a trip, to get the maximum number of options, you got to pack items in the same color palette. And most of my clothes are black and white. It really made me think about buying more color. Or buying color staple items that can go well with black and white layers.

Hmm. Brainstorming time…

All the outfits of the challenge! 
All the outfits of the challenge!

It was fun to find random places to take my #ootd photo! That was probably the most challenging part of it all! But I’ll be traveling again here in a couple of weeks, so we’ll see what new adventures I can take you on with me!

-Breed style, Breedlove.

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