Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I’m Filming Tomorrow! It’s Only a Day Away

For all you musical lovers, or entertainment-in-general lovers, I’ve got some exciting news to share with you! Not only do I get to style the hosts of the new TV show on TBN Salsa, TGLA’s “Life in the City”, but I was given an interview on their talk show tomorrow to talk aubout my dancing career in L.A. tomorrow!

Some of you might think I’m gloating, and that’s okay if you do. But I really wanted to share my excitement with you because it’s taken a lot of patience to see something flourish in my life after moving to Los Angeles. Now I’m not saying what I’ve been through and the opportunities given these past 2.5 years weren’t enough, it’s just that this entire time I felt like I was only doing the minimal amount of work to get by. And I wasn’t being faithful in the little.

After praying long and hard, God was trying to tell me to stop being lazy and enjoy the feeling of hard work. After college, I was so burnt I didn’t want to dance much. But I had made plans to move to LA and so I did.

I wont get into the details, but after sucking it up and pushing myself to get over my lazy speed bump, God decided to bless me with another tap company & fired me up with a passion that was living inside me for a loooooooong time that I never surfaced until just recently – this blog and styling! And it’s because of this that I am busy, and it’s flourishing. God honors hard and tedious work, and I’m finally seeing that come to fruition.

Now I’m not saying “I’ve made it” or anything, but this is my version of success. And it feels good. I’m explaining all of this to y’all, because I’m usually a VERY private person and it’s time to bring you all along with me on this journey.

Once I find out the air date, I’ll be sure to let you know đŸ˜‰

-Breed style, Breedlove.


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