Guess Who’s Back, Back Again?

Breedlove’s back, tell a friend!

Its been a minute, but I’m back and ready to attack! It was a very sick and tiring winter, so I told myself to take a break from the blog, but don’t you worry, I kept up my Instagram! When in doubt I Instagram it out… EVERY DAY.

During my time away from the blog, I was able to:

  • Dance and shoot some videos for Rithem Dance Company

  • Style some music artists

  • Style the hosts of Life in the City on TBN Salsa

  • Style friends who are trying to transition their wardrobe from causal to fit their industry, whether that be in the private party industry in Hollywood or a church position with a cool flair.

Its been nothing but go go go and I love it! Now it’s time to vacation back to Texas for my birthday week and then hit it hard again!

 -Breed style, Breedlove.

My trip in San Diego last weekend for my best friend's wedding

My trip in San Diego last weekend for my best friend’s wedding

Carlsbad Beach 😎

Carlsbad Beach 😎

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