Know Your Worth

Recently I was faced with a question: “Laura, any words of wisdom now that you’re another year older?”
UM. YES! *in head thinking, how do I not sound cliché?* So I hesitate and say, “hold on, let me think about it.” – Ugh! I didn’t need to think about it. What am I doing? I just went through something that set the trajectory for my entire year of being 25. So I answered back, “you know what, KNOW YOUR WORTH.” Now, let me explain…

I see a lot of young people wasting precious time in a relationship with someone that is not quite up to their standard of their “future spouse”. But let me rewind a little, there needs to be a definite answer within us young people before we get in a relationship…and sometimes, we are the ones wasting our own time by not having a clear answer in our heads on what we want. You THINK you know what you want until you’re in a relationship with someone you really like. Then they lay down the bomb of “I don’t want to get married and have kids”, and all the sudden you start swaying to that belief too. Or they make it very very clear that their passion/career in life is their number one, and nothing will be equal to that, not even you. WHO ARE YOU?

Now let me tell you, I am Laura Freaking Breedlove. I know what I want and I’m very black and white… most of the time. It saves me heartache and time to be black and white (friends, this is how you should protect your heart!). But for some reason, because I liked every little thing about this person, when he said “I don’t want to get married and I never want to have kids” really made me think if I ever did………WHAT?!?! Who am I? Of course I want to get married and EVENTUALLY have kids. That’s something God beautifully created for humans to do. You don’t have to choose that path, but in my mind I’m thinking, “WHY THE HECK NOT?! Of course I want to get married!” How much fun would it be to live your life with someone cheering you on every second of every day, and getting to provide that same love and support for them and their career? That sounds like a FREAKING BLAST to me!

This all leads to the main subject of this story. KNOW YOUR WORTH. I am worth what I want. I am worth to mean just as much as their passion means to them. I am worth what God has set in my heart. And the reason I know what God has set in my heart is right, is because it lines up perfectly with his word and what he speaks over me.
I don’t usually like to dig too much into my faith on my blog, but I’m never afraid to dig deeper to help my statement make sense. You are welcome to comment with questions about this.

Friends of mine, know your worth. Save yourself time and heartache. Don’t let someone waste your time, because you didn’t know your worth before it started. Love you guys.

-Breed style, Breedlove.

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  • Main image taken by my friend, Bryant Belknap. CHECK OUT HIS PHOTOGRAPHY. AMAZING.  

After blowing out my candles. 

After blowing out my candles.

My outfit of the day. Another migraine today, but made it through work. 😅 

My outfit of the day. Another migraine today, but made it through work. 😅

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