STIL IRL Featuring… Laura Breedlove Landers!

Have you ever seen your friends or influencers post about a certain brand and you’re thinking to yourself “how much is she getting paid to say this?” I do that ALL THE TIME. Why? Because I want to know that the things i’m reading are genuine, pure, and honestly… not bought.

There’s a company that i’ve posted quite a few times about in the past few months. I try to make it a point every now and then to share that I am not getting paid to post about this company so that people can take what I have to say seriously, because I want my words, opinions, and thoughts that I share to have weight.

STIL Classics is an organization brand that not only has planners, journals, washi tape, etc., but they have wallets, purses, and are ever expanding to make themselves better by the week! I love this brand so much. The founder, Marissa, has a special place in my heart. She seems to just “get” me without having met me. She is always listening to her customers to design items that are minimal, sleek, and above all else functional.

After I reached out to her a few months back simply sharing my love for her brand and how I love how she treats her customers, she and I created a friendship over the internet. Through that, she wanted me to take part in a section she wanted to feature on her website called “STIL IRL” (STIL In Real Life) that shares REAL people using her products in REAL life by how we use them and showing how much we REALly love them!

I was stoked to be part of this little blog/interview because it showcases my favorite products and it gave me a chance to gush over this brand that I completely stand behind. Go check it out at 🙂

  1. Alison Rosenstein says:

    You look so gorgeous in this picture!!!

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